War Field with Cryptocurrency

War Field is the first crypto FPS game that was created and developed by Golder Games. The concept of cryptocurrency is at its growing days in the gaming industry. In this game, you get coins for every kill. Isn’t this amazing? It is one of the best things that happened to all the game lovers who are also interested in earning money online using digital currency.

Make money using War Field

You get coins for every kill and they are transferred right into your cryptocurrency wallet. Any player can make some easy Golder coins. The Golder Coins goes by GLDR. You can join the challenge right now and make money by playing games. There are various giveaways organized for the customers to make more money in the game.

Other Features

Warfield has some unique dynamics. With every update, the features are getting better. For those people, who are not a hardcore gamer., there are exciting battlegrounds for easier gameplay. There are many levels available for you to play. Starting from a beginner’s level to an expert, the war field game has many opportunities for all which makes it the best globally.

There are certain rules which make the game un-cheatable and fair for every user. You can only create one account using KYC details. The other important thing is that you can’t give away or even lose all your tokens to any particular player. By this, there are no chances of laundering. Also, you are not allowed to enter and exit the game again and again with the intention to get a better location. A player doing such things are flagged as a violation. Lastly, you are not allowed to team up with other players during deathmatch.


The game is available for download on your Windows PC as well as for all the apple devices. Moreover, you can play on the web. The Golder Games said, “War Field is just the beginning”. The developers are working hard to create such crypto games where you can make money while playing. Till then, Enjoy playing War Field.