The Rise of Crypto ATMs

Cryptocurrency is probably the best choice for online exchanges and transactions but it is now amaking place for itself in the physical world as well. The main reason for making it possible is the establishment of Cryptocurrency ATMs all over the world. You can easily exchange money using these ATMs. If you are not into cryptocurrency, it’s not too late yet. Make sure you have checked the proper guide to invest in Cryptocurrency before getting started.

What is Crypto ATM?

Unlike other ATMs, where you can easily cash out the local currency, cryptocurrency ATM is a machine where you can exchange Bitcoin and cash. Some ATM machines also allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly using them. While several other machines can be used to transfer bitcoin from one account to another.

Future of Cryptocurrency ATM

There are more than 4000 Cryptocurrency ATM machines across 75 countries. According to a survey conducted by Coinatmradar website, an average of 6.7 Cryptocurrency ATMs are installed in a day. Bitcoin is still the most used cryptocurrency in ATM and out of 4000 machines that are installed around 1200 machines are of Bitcoin. Without any doubt, Bitcoin is the favorite digital currency among customers. The survey also shows around 71% of Cryptocurrency ATMs are located in North America while only 23.1% are in Europe. ATMs are being placed throughout the continents, even where cryptocurrency is not very popular such as Africa and Asia. This phase is just getting started. A study shows that there will be a growth of 50% in the coming years. Although, most of the ATMs are based on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are also growing.

Where to Find these ATMs?

After all the information, you might be excited about trying one of these ATMs yourself. So, the question is where you can find one of these ATMs. You can easily get to know about this by a coin ATM radar service. You can take advantage of the service and find the nearest ATM in your area and try it for yourself.