Ledger Nano Introduction


Ledger nano is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets. The hardware wallet supports multicurrency to protect and secure all of your crypto assets. It is built with a secure chip as well as ensuring optimal security. In other words, it is a hardware wallet Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins. It provides the best security and a robust security option for all your payments and storing crypto assets.

Features of Ledger Nano

It supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum as well Atcoins and many others. While talking about the security of the wallet, the wallet is secured by a chip locked by a pin. It is not a simple chip, the same chip is used to secure credit cards and passports. Additionally, it is tamper-proof. Every time the device is unlocked, it checks the integrity of the device. Therefore, it makes all your transaction and data secured. It has a built-in display to check the transactions and other things, you can confirm it by using the provided buttons. It is compatible with almost all the devices and operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It only requires chrome and one USB port to work.

Easy usage

The hardware wallet is easy to operate and comes with only two buttons. It is made all your crypto asset transactions secure and easy as never before. There is a live companion app which allows you to check your balance and do transactions. You can send as well as receive using this app. For easy usage, the ledger is powered by BOLOS operating system. It is easy to use and unique operating system which is specially designed for crypto-related works. The best part about the operating system is that it creates a shield around each of your app stored on your device. This shield protects your information and makes sure that no app on your device should access any of your sensitive information. If you are still not satisfied with all these things, it also allows you to install 18 other apps on your device if you need to.