Everything you need to know about Binance Exchange


Binance is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges and you should definitely register with it and get your account running. If you haven’t started yet, this guide is the best way to get started. If you are already a registered member, then you might get to know some new facts about Binance.


What does Binance stands for?

Launched in July 2017, Binance is the best cryptocurrency trading platform. It is known for its slick user interface, fast transactions and use of multiple languages. Most of the largest tokens are listed in Binance.

How to register yourself on Binance

  1. Open Binance Website

Open the Binance website. Click on the link to go to BINANCE. It is suggested to ensure you open the correct Binance link and bookmark it, as hackers can spoof links very easily.


  1. Register for Binance

Register yourself for Binance by clicking on the “Register” button the right-hand corner of the home page. It will ask for your relevant information like name, email address, password etc. After registering, you will need to verify your email.

Note: Make a strong password and write it down to remember it.


  1. Enabling 2FA

When you log-in your account for the first time, the website will ask for enabling 2FA (2 factor authentication) security. It is an enhanced security feature, which is preferable for securing your cryptocurrencies.


  1. Depositing Funds into your account

Under the Funds menu, navigate to “Deposit” menu. On clicking on this menu, the Deposit page will open where you can add coins and a new dedicated wallet belonging exclusively to your account will be created.

Now, you can send your coins from different wallets to this wallet. You should remember to send only the correct coins to the correct wallets and don’t mix them or else you will lose your coins.

  1. Buying and Selling Transactions

Under the “Exchange” menu on the left-hand corner, select the “Basic Exchange” menu. In the transaction page, the left pane shows the order book, the middle pane shows the price and the chart. You can exchange different tokens by selecting the token you want to exchange in the search box and select the desired percentage for which you want to exchange.



6: Withdrawing your Coins

The last step is withdrawing you coins under the Withdrawal option in the Funds option on the homepage. You can withdraw and send your coins to the receiving address of your choice.