What Skills do You Need to Work in the Crypto Industry?


With the continued emergence of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain sector, a wealth of opportunities also opens up for related employment in these fields. These opportunities are varied and in strong supply from the areas of marketing and product development, all the way through to security and platform design on the back-end of projects.

So, how do you get involved and exactly what kind of skills will be most valuable?

Determine What You can Offer

This can be the most difficult part of any job application or position. You will have to take a period of self-reflection and decide what you can best offer to the industry. Not only this, but also, where you want or desire to see yourself positioned. After answering these questions of yourself, then you will have some direction and be in a position to start gaining quantifiable education and experience.

Skills above Experience

One of the most attractive elements to working within the industry is that it is new. This means that in-terms of experience, everything you do here and now can be valuable in building your profile. You do not require a long history, but you do need the ability to demonstrate your skills well. Platforms such as Upwork are ideal for starting out and gaining some experience to build yourself in to the industry.

The Value of Education

As with any industry, the value of being educated is something which should be considered very important. Though formal certifications in the area are still quite rare, there are a number of great education options available to help grow your skills.

Engagement with the blockchain community through knowledge sharing platforms is also key. The benefit of such involvement will be multi-faceted. Interactions will increase your personal contact network within the community whilst also portraying the image of a person who is enthusiastic and willing to learn and become more involved in an industry which values community among its core foundations.

Ultimately, undertaking any of these actions reflects positively on you and opens the door to new and exciting opportunities within a rapidly expanding industry.

Protecting Yourself during a Crypto Bear Market

The crypto market as a whole, has seen better days, with news emerging today of more significant red numbers leaving many investors scrambling for cover. This may intimidate new investors or those who are considering to invest in crypto from the outside. Therefore, let’s take a look at the bigger picture and identify some ways in which you can take care of your investments during a downward period.

Keep Your Cool

The first very important step you have to remember is, try your best not to panic sell. Of course, it can be all too easy as a new trader….or even an experienced one, to quickly sell off your holdings in a negative panic. The same is true of traditional stock markets. The fact is though, that things often recover in time. You should try your best to ride out the storm.

Remember Your Goals

It is important under these pressures, to remember why you became involved in crypto in the first place. For many, it will have been trust in a project for long-term gains. This can be easily changed by a sudden market movement which leaves you seeing stars, Again though, it is important that no matter how negative, or positive conditions become, remember your original goals. This will also apply when the markets rebound and you are dreaming of Lamborghinis.

Zoom Out

Looking at the bigger picture is always vital. You may think that times are tough if you have lost a little bit on your holdings, but time shows through the charts that everything has risen a long, long way, when the bigger picture is considered. That’s why it is often very prudent to zoom out that chart just a little to see where it came from.